Summer 2015 Newsletter

Anxiety and OCD NewsletterIn our Summer 2015 newsletter, we have several articles with tips and information that can help you including:

  • How to deal with Imposter Sydrome, a common experience among high achievers.
  • A book review of “Same Time Next Week,” which has inspirational stories by individuals and therapists describing key components of recovery from mental health problems.
  • More tips from Reid Wilson on the Anxiety Mental Game and how you can beat anxiety.

In addition, we have several CBT Center announcements:

  • Melissa Gould is back from maternity leave.
  • We opened a new branch office in Roseville serving the Sacramento region.
  • We are now a regional clinic for the National Social Anxiety Center.
  • Our staff therapists, family and friends gathered together on a Sunday for a special retreat in nature.

Read our CBT Center Summer 2015 newsletter by clicking here.